We know how much it can suck for a payment to come out of nowhere and leave you with very little options to pay it off. If you need a loan quick we here at Michigan Title Loans would love to help. Unlike traditional banks that often have you fill out tons of confusing paperwork and can take many days to even approve you, we make everything easy and fast.

The 3 Step Approval Process

Our 3 step approval process is one of the easiest things you will ever do, and it is super fast, generally taking no more than 15 minutes.

Step 1: First you just need to fill out an application either online or over the phone. If you call us one of our friendly and professional agents would love to assist you with getting your application filled out.

Step 2: The next step is to  submit just a few documents. These Documents Include:
-Proof of income and residency
-Car Insurance and title

Step 3: This is the last and easiest step, you just have to wait until you get approved. The approval process generally doesn’t take long at all, then once approved for the loan you will have the loan funds deposited into your bank account via a direct deposit.

New To Auto Title Loans?

Auto title loans, also called pink slip loans, are a great loan for anyone who has terrible credit history or haven’t paid debts in the past. With auto title loans you use a car or motor vehicle as collateral on the loan. The loan amount is determined on the motor vehicle that you decide to use. We approve various amounts for loans, but generally we don’t approve loans that are higher than the value of the car.

Tons Of Locations To Pick From

If you would rather get approved for your loan in person you can also do that. We have many locations all around the country. To find the nearest location to you check out our locations page and find the location that works best for you. To make your visit run smooth and quick it is advised that you fill out our pre-qualification first.

Payment Plans To Match Your Budget

We know that you might be worried that the loan repayment won’t fit into your budget. But our team of specialists will help you to find a payment plan that fits right into your budget. We’ve help hundreds of people just like you to get a repayment plan that allows them to pay back the loan quickly and comfortably.